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Artsies of ours or mine, Roxy's because Saya is barely on anymore~




Rawrxy Insativity
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Name: Roxy
Nicknames: Rox, Rawrxy, Murp.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian and PROUD, BEETCHES.

Also found at:
Tumblr- tehinkkeeper

Wish to know more? Be a good friend and I'll tell ya.

A lil' note; This account is labeled with SAYA'S birthday of April 29th. My (Roxy's) birthday is six days AFTER that day.

Want my mentioned sister, Saya?

Go to -> :iconpandized:


I'm All Alooooone!~
I Love It So!~
Now I Am Free~
To Remain As Me!~


UnderTale  sHIIII- by iiRoxYSaYa
UnderTale sHIIII-

But have a fav fandom as a make-up?!?!??!!

Yea? ;v;

Ugh, fan art is harder to do than original for me, but it's what everyone wants!!!




It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon)
Undyne, Papyrus, Sans, Asriel, Toriel, and Frisk belong to Toby Fox
Neuropol, Sammy, Pam, and I belong to me/my world.
TTFN, Ta-Ta For Now~?!?
My 2016 Icon
For 2016, Year of the Monkey, I've created a new icon with my monkey boy, Tropix!

Wow, an art from Roxy?? After a millennium??? OMG!??!

HEY, I'm sorry, but unfortunately I have life to deal with! Getting ready for finals, scholarship money for college, IT'S HELL.

bUT I'm finding SLIM time slots for art and all that, fan art, new characters, re-designs of already owned characters, re-typed descriptions for each character, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
jerry mouse scream intensifies icon

I'm suffering. 

TTF?, Ta-Ta For...?

Undertale - ''Dafuq was dat'' Undyne icon - 50x38
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  • Playing: The DON'T SLEEP UNTIL 1 GAME TONIGHT game
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So much has happened this past year, from new games to new life experiences, and it has been almost FANTASTIC.

So many new experiences, new ideas, new perspectives, and new realizations!
Let's hope 2016 has even more in store!!

Now, I give myself this opportunity to clean my old work from 2012-2014, and refresh most of them!
Hopefully it'll be done by 2017 ":3

Happy New Year to all of ya!!

Papyrus Intensifies [ICON] Puppet Tongue In the LIGHT (Icon) Muffet Dancing - 50x50 Animated Icon GIF Gravity Falls - So this is how the world ends Markiplier NAW Icon (F2U)Migosp is happy! You should be too!! GIF Gravity Falls - Oh no.. Adventure Funtime Mangle - FNAF World - GIF IconYou're a real COMIC, Sans! (Chat Icon)
TTUNY, Ta-Ta Until Next Year~
  • Mood: Hostile
[This message originated from my friend skiiwithmee , but I also apply to it, so additions have been added in brackets as to not confuse who first wrote it.]

If you see fan art of my OC in any kind of sexual situation posted, on any website, that WASN'T DRAWN BY ME, it was not allowed.

I'm done with being harrassed. If you see any of my characters, even ones from my old account that are having sex or ANYTHING such, please report it. Report it so many times it gets deleted. I do NOT give ANYONE permission to use my characrers for sexual puposes unless they have talked to me and I have consented to it. If you "assume" you can use them, you can't. You have to talk to me, I have to AGREE; otherwise it counts as cyber harassment. [She's not wrong.]

Not only that, but this person egging me for sexual content does not seem to realise I am underage. [I just stopped doing them in general because it was wrong and immature.] Please go report HerbalTeaMix or any account associated, even if it has a random name, ect. His original account had a blue fox as a character. I am guessing this is the character he will use with my own (Moonblaze, if any of you remember)[and Dori too] in art work of them having sex. I DID NOT give him permission, he is taking my character for his own sexual reasons. Not only am I furious, every time I get a new note from that freak I have an anxiety attack. Sometimes I feel helpless, but I know I'm not. Please, help me with this. [Help us all.]

If you see art of a blue fox, or anything else having sex with my character Moonblaze [and Dori] (friends, look at my old account) PLEASE tell me. Send me a link, report it as fast as you can. Tell the artist, as many times as you have to, that the person owning Moonblaze [and Dori] (or any of my other characters in fact) did NOT AGREE TO THE COMMISSION OR REQUEST OF BEING DRAWN EXPLICITLY. I'm shaking right now, I'm not going to take another day of this. 

Please, please, check furafinity, tumblr, deviantart, ink bunny, i don't care WHAT, but I NEED to be sure that this disgusting person isn't going to take my character(s) and use them for their own perverted purposes. I did not consent to this. I just didn't.

If any of you remember how I was frantically trying to gain 20000 points when doing commissions, he was why. They want either the commission or the monry back, and if I don't pay up he will try and take my character and USE THEM for the things listed above. There's still a way to stop this, if I could just get enough points in time and contact him.
I will be doing digital and traditional art commissions, if you note me for information. Any kind of donation AT ALL would be much appreciated, and thank you so much.

I'm getting slightly desperate just writing this, so FRIENDS; if you would be so kind to spread this message to others, that would be wonderful. Send them the journal for info, if they have questions direct them to me. I NEED lots of people to know about this. I'm just a small blog, an artist not many people know about yet, so if you could spread this message to people who are known, or anyone who is willing to help, I would be forever thankful. I'm tired of being harassed. I'm tired of shaking in my seat thinking about this person much older then me trying to find loopholes into using my oc(s) for sex. 

Thank you for reading.

[If you see anyone else with this message, they must have been harassed by this perv as well.]
.:Bloodied Ribbons:. by iiRoxYSaYa
.:Bloodied Ribbons:.
"Har̢m t̢hese͘ ͠c҉h͘i̵lḑr͏en̡, a͘n̨d ̵I҉ h̢ar͡m͜ ţho̶sè ҉o̕rga̸ns ́o̡f͠ y̧o̷u̷r̡s wi͡t̴h my͡ ͡cla̷ws͞.͡.́."


You only did this once, butSTILL-!??

More tablet drawings on Photoshop

Zayna belongs to moi
TTFN, Ta-Ta For Now~


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